ATLAS Force Series – Jack Dillon


“What a ride!
Colonel Jack Flynn, my new favourite hero!”
– L White

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “How on Earth did they get away with that, it’s just so wrong?” and then hope that they get caught or that karma kicks their butt, well there’s a strong vein of that running through Jack Dillon’s books. His characters are the ones dealing out the karma when society’s rules are flaunted and justice is not seen to be done.

Jack’s love of storytelling started from a very early age, basically as soon as he learned to read. He experimented with drawing to tell a story using stick figures at first then progressing on as his skill improved. It wasn’t long before he realised you could tell a story faster by writing it. His love of reading drew him to stories of high adventure written by the likes of Robert Ludlum, Alistair Maclean and of course, Ian Fleming. As life sped up so did his taste in literature, moving on to the likes of Matthew Reilly and James Rollins who pepper their novels with high adrenalin action. This inspired him to create his own books.



Something deadly escaped from a top secret underground lab, and within minutes everyone was dead, and within just a few minutes more all trace of it was gone. Here’s a suspense thriller you won’t be able to put down.” – L White

Book One – The Satan Strain

A secret hidden beneath an idyllic island escapes killing all those above. ATLAS (Advanced Threat, Locate And Secure) is called in to investigate.  ATLAS is a global unit set up between the US, UK, France and Germany and they discover more than just the cause of the disaster. They discover a threat more dangerous, more lethal than anything dreamt of in their worst nightmares. Colonel Jack Flynn aided by Colonel Mary Qui of Med Division head out to Paradise Cove with Alpha Team of the SHARC’s, (Special Hot zone Armed Response Commandos) the teeth of ATLAS. They are soon fighting for their lives against a seemingly unstoppable enemy and a para-military group that will go to any lengths to prevent them learning the truth.

Paradise Cove cannot contain the threat and Jack and Mary follow it to the United States where they have to locate it before it can be unleashed upon an unsuspecting population.

In a race against time Jack and ATLAS must face off against an enemy transformed by genetic manipulation who wants to exact a devastating revenge on those responsible for his plight and a world that had forsaken him.

Can Jack stop him before he releases the Satan Strain on an unsuspecting world?

From The Satan Strain

“What about the main entrance, won’t that be open now that the lockdown has been lifted?” asked Mary as she listened in to the conversation.

Jack looked at her as the realisation hit him. “Of course, I never thought about that. Frohme must’ve known, no wonder he was so eager to get out of here. He’s probably on the way to the mainland as we speak,” he said. He touched his ear bud again and said, “Private Henry, secure the main entrance to this facility and all other exit tunnels along with the one we are using as soon as we’ve gone through, then detain Mister Frohme when he reaches you, do not allow him to leave the area. If you don’t hear from us in three hours then we’re not coming out. In that situation I want this place sealed for good, nothing or no one gets out ever, do you copy Private?”

“Do not read if living on a secluded tropical island!  Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish fiction from reality. THE SATAN STRAIN reads scarily like it could be happening today…though I’m sure it would never be allowed to hit the major news outlets. I truly hope that if it ever were the case, real-life versions of Jack Flynn and his team would come to the rescue.” – sunnyaz4me


Book Two – Wire Tap

A test of a new device that could revolutionise the military is successful but unknown forces are at play and hack the system throwing the security of the United States and perhaps the world into danger.

Colonel Jack Flynn of ATLAS Force, (Advanced Threat Locate And Secure) is tasked to get to the bottom of the mystery. Along with Colonel Mary Qui and a team of SHARC’s, (Special Hot zone Armed Response Commando’s) they come up against an old adversary who has his own agenda in finding the truth behind WIRE.

Racing from one end of the United States to the other in a desperate bid to save the President’s life Jack and Mary must fight against an enemy from their darkest nightmare before that enemy can turn the entire country’s military might against them in a bid to control the world.

From WIRE Tap

“We’re done here,” the General said with a dismissive wave of his hand as he looked at the flash drive.

The man began to turn, but a massive hand clamped down on his shoulder impeding his progress. He thought his shoulder had broken from the casual impact and then another hand was placed equally tenderly on his other shoulder. Before he knew it the two hands were holding either side of his head and in a flash he was looking at the door without having turned around.

When he realised what had happened it was too late, he was dead.

Book Three – Pray for Death

A facility deep in the Mongolian mountain range working on a program hacked from a secret base in the United States is attacked and destroyed setting in motion a series of events that could change the world forever.

An enigmatic Chinese businessman with ties to a secret criminal empire has delusions of grandeur wants what the Brotherhood has, power.

The Brotherhood, a secret organisation that has remained hidden from the eyes of the world since records began is woven into the very fabric of society. Governments, military, business, there is nothing beyond its control.

Caught in the middle is Jack Flynn and ATLAS Force who must stop these two mammoth entities colliding and destroying the world as we know it.

When the dust settles whoever remains will pray for death rather than face what is left.

From Pray for Death

Finding a crevasse not far from where the facility huddled at the base of a mountain, Tommy forced himself inside hoping his claustrophobia didn’t rear its ugly head. He had been in a hurry to find a place to hide in case they had people roaming the perimeter looking for stragglers. These mountain passes were so narrow only a mountain goat could navigate them. He didn’t think they would leave any witnesses and that’s why he had chosen this place.

This attack was probably a fast in and out operation whereby they would rush in, take what they came for, then leave covering their tracks by killing everyone present.

The cold was beginning to get to him and he wished he’d had time to grab a coat on the way out. Waiting, he wondered how long he’d been outside as the seconds stretched into minutes and his mind started to confuse time. He realised he had no idea how long he’d been outside just that it was damned cold.

He heard voices shouting something and the sound of the chopper’s engine altered as it powered up prior to taking off.

Not long now.

Once the sound of the chopper had receded into the distance he ventured out of his hiding place and walked towards the facility again. His plan was to grab some warm clothing and head away before calling his handler for the evac. Looking around he saw a few bodies littering the front of the building as the lights inside illuminated the horror that had taken place. He took another step closer and the entire place exploded in a cataclysmic blast that destroyed the front sending debris scattering in every direction. The force of the blast sent him flying back as the pressure wave compressed his organs to mulch.

He would never get to know who was behind the attack or if they got what they came for because he was dead before he hit the ground.


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