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She dared to come out as a sexy woman in her 70s!

Sexy at 70 A Spiritual Journey, is an honest and wonderfully relatable account of how Eva emerged from the other side of menopause, experiencing self-discovery in her sexuality, and was re-born a flirty party raver in her 60s.

Flowering differently as she grew older, as well as the related inner struggle with vanity and the fact she was ageing, and despite the hardships that understandably bring about with it, ultimately led to her greater spiritual acceptance of who she actually is.

Regarding her sexual self for a long life as something to be ashamed of; to be spiritual meant to be saint-like and sexless. This book explains the difficulties in reconciling these opposites. Tackling demons as tough as major illnesses (including a rare blood cancer), here she recounts how this deepened her self-awareness and ability to exude a confident and dedicated kind of self-care.




Getting Old

I was perusing the photos of the wedding anniversary and saw that, in some, I looked really old. How depressing.

But not only that, I was beginning to feel old inside my body. This was different from my spirit which feels ageless- or my wrinkles – this was ageing in my joints, sinews and bones. When I tuned into my body, I could feel it ageing. I hadn’t been able to spring up for a few years, but now I felt more heaviness in my back and legs as I lifted myself out of a chair. Yes, time was having its effect. The positive side was that I was forced to slow down, to take note of what was occurring in my body and carry myself to the new position.  This was a timely reminder of the tiger lessons.  When I stayed in Lorca’s attic, she helped me up and down stairs a few times and supplied me with comfy cushions and blankets. I felt the vigour of her young body and knew that she had no idea of the feel of wear and tear- and took her vitality for granted. The sweet oblivion of youth.  I felt sad that my strength was going so fast. I wanted to hang on to its sweetness.

When I took my next-door neighbour’s dog for a walk, I noticed how creaky my joints were, especially climbing over stiles. I cried. This with neck wrinkles and droopy jowls was too much. I was 66 and three quarters; nearly 67; which meant late 60s- or nearly 70. I walked along, sobbing, before sitting on a log with the dog. He is a Cairn and he looked at me with his big brown eyes. Around each eye was a whorl of fur with grey flecks. Yes, he was going grey and looked really beautiful. Then I gasped as I noticed all the trees around me. They were all gnarled and wrinkled and utterly full of swirling energy. The trees seemed to be appraising me lovingly. I was reminded of the tree spirits in Peru. And it really looked like one of them winked at me. It seemed to say, ‘Hey, just stop it. See your neck as a branch that connects your head to your body.  It will be a beautiful gnarled branch that holds your head up proudly. So just stop your snivelling.’



About the Author

Dr. Eva Maria Chapman is a former teacher, psychotherapist, researcher and very successful business woman. She lives in a wildlife sanctuary on the cusp of Exmoor England, which she shares with her husband of 40 years, Jake. She happily divides her time between her house in England, and Sydney Australia where her grandchildren live.

Her journey to becoming an author began when nursing her Stepfather, Sasha, for the last 2 years of his life, with whom ended a 33-year estrangement, forgiving each other as he unburdened himself from the harrowing story of his Jewish family during WWII. Combined with the equally harrowing story of her mother’s life suffering with mental illness, both propelled Eva to write. Together this launched her career in writing. Some of her notable works include: Russian Roulette 20:20, (Solaris 2010); From Russia to Love, (Robson Press 2012), and Butterflies & Demons (DoctorZed Publishing, Adelaide 2019) which was long-listed for Mslexia novel prize 2017.

For more information on Eva, check out her social media sites here:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/evamariachapman

Instagram – @sizzling70s

Twitter – @sizzle70s


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