ARCs AVAILABLE NOW: DeeDee and DanDan’s Busy Day by Aneta & Mariusz Wojcik


Imaginative children’s book sparks interactive reading adventure.

DeeDee and DanDan’s Busy Day is an inspiring interactive children’s book by Aneta and Mariusz Wojcik that will instantly engage early learners, families and young readers. Superbly written, this innovative picture book makes reading an interactive adventure with a unique, research-driven style to improve children’s understanding, speech and vocabulary. 

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Lovable twins, DeeDee and DanDan start their day by waking up their parents. They play, eat breakfast, get dressed with help from Mum and Dad before they leave to go to nursery. DeeDee and DanDan play with their favourite toys, have fun with the other children, and eat their favourite lunch. Later, Dad takes them to the library, they visit their grandparents and go on a shopping trip. In the evening the whole family cook dinner together and enjoy some family time. Then it’s time for a bubble bath, reading a story and bedtime. Sound boring? Not for a two-year old when there is a whole world waiting to explore with exciting discoveries to make every single day…

DeeDee and DanDan’s Busy Day is a delightful book that is anything but boring with an absorbing storyline and captivating pictures. With its distinct and intelligent format, DeeDee and DanDan’s Busy Day is both entertaining and informative. Well-researched, it has been written with young children’s development in mind using easy-to-read sentences, familiar settings and colourful illustrations. Adopting well-researched methods and backed by scientific findings, the book uses three distinct strategies to help children:
          > understand simple words as well as recognise objects and activities,
          > grasp the ability to say simple words and answer simple questions, and
          > explain cause and effect.

To help bilingual children develop speech, the authors also studied the scientific benefits that reading storybooks have on children’s vocabulary and DeeDee and DanDan’s Busy Day is directly based on their findings. Recognising that speech is sometimes difficult for children, the book has been expertly designed to help parents overcome certain obstacles.

DeeDee and DanDan’s Busy Day is a valuable picture book that helps children understand the world around them. With its ‘everyday’ theme, the narrative is safe and relatable to its young audience, encouraging children to read with their parents and speak to them about their day. This is the perfect children’s book to be enjoyed at a pace to suit every child. DeeDee and DanDan’s Busy Day will completely transform and enhance every parent and child’s shared reading experience.

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DeeDee and DanDan’s Busy Day is due for general release in February 2021.  Pre-orders can be placed directly on the DeeDee and DanDan website  or on Amazon.

Board Book, Pages: 38 
Price: £12.99 (Paperback)
ISBN-10: 1916395503
ISBN-13: 978-1916395503
Publisher: Little Frog Media Ltd

About the Authors

Aneta Wojcik (married to co-author Mariusz) is an ex-programmer-turned project manager, author and a mum to two little monsters. In between all of this, she tries to get some sleep! Aneta forged her love for creative writing through DeeDee and DanDan’s Busy Day which she created to support other mothers who were worried or anxious about their own child’s speech development: The key is to be patient and nurturing. One day you won’t be able to keep them quiet! I promise!”

Mariusz Wojcik is a husband, programmer, co-author and a huge fan of sausage rolls. Dad to two little monsters, Mariusz always dreamt of writing a children’s book: Although in the dream, the book was about fun and frogs, not an educational one! My strengths lie in spotting patterns, analysing situations, connecting dots and connecting people. I am fascinated by children’s development process. Watching this process first-hand with my two children inspired me to write this book”.