ARC’s AVAILABLE: From Chaki City to LPC Grad – Richard Gant


From Chaki City to LPC Grad by Richard Gant is a delightfully witty children’s tale following the adventures of two rival cat clans in a human-free world. 

Follow the misadventures of the clans in a bid to win the coveted TV Kibble contract and discover which lucky kitty will come out on top.

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Set to be released later this year, From Chaki City to LPC Grad is an absolute must-read for lovers of felines, TV talent shows and rip-roaring antics. This charming book tells the addicting story of Cattishtan – a new country run exclusively by cats – and the zany escapades its inhabitants get caught up in. Cattishtan hosts a delightful cast of supporting characters including; Zuma, the LPC Minister for Sports, Plume, Cattishtan’s Literary Expert and Minister for Culture and Misqui, the Cattishtani clairvoyant, to name but a few. Action packed and laugh-out-loud funny, From Chaki City to LPC Grad is not one to be missed.

Everybody knows that cats are very independent creatures, but here’s the story of how this independence really went to their heads! Because somehow, and don’t ask me how, but when all the humans left after a nasty virus made life too unbearable, they banded together to create their own little country somewhere in Central Asia where all the countries end in “Stan”.

Years after the humans left (good riddance) and the new country of Cattishtan was founded, the cat populace of Chaki City has now been divided in two.

The Cattishtani clan lead a life of luxury thanks to all their TV kibbles commercials, whilst the Little Poor Cats (or LPC, for short) are condemned to a life of misery.

For the LPCs, a promising twist of fate would change their lives forever and give them the chance to found their own country.

Join in the thrills and spills as LPCs and Cattishtanis battle it out in ten wacky adventures to get their paws on the biggest prize of all – the TV kibbles contract!

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Price: £12.99 (Paperback), £2.99 (eBook)
Pages: 323
ISBN: 9781914078040

Review for From Chaki City to LPC Grad

“In these times of uncertainty, especially for children, it is very important to have a means of escaping into the world of imagination. That is where books like [Chaki City to LPC Grad] are very important.

I found the story exciting, with just the right mix of adventure, danger and comedy from characters like Shoof and Sniff (my favourites).

[The] descriptive language is excellent and allows the reader to form pictures of places and buildings in their head, and having worked with children for many years, I know just how significant this can be in encouraging reading and a keen interest in books.

Finally, the story [was] finished at the perfect point, leaving you the chance to pick up and carry on with the next book, taking the characters on another adventure, maybe….!”

About the Author

Richard Gant has a bachelor’s degree in French and Russian, and about fifteen years ago started working as a professional translator. Over the years that passed, translating the texts of others turned out to be the spark he needed to create something of his own.  

It was Gant’s wife and daughter who subsequently introduced him to the world of children’s fiction which he found absolutely fascinating.  Having always considered himself a student of humour, Gant knew what sort of book he was going to write and didn’t have to look very far to find the story he would tell either. Gant has always been intrigued by the mystique and unpredictability of our feline friends and so it was the fourth member of the family, a very special black cat affectionately nick-named ‘Chaki’, who fitted the bill perfectly.