Both Sides of the Movie Camera by Anthony Barnett


A master class in directing, filming and acting from every camera angle


Both Sides of the Movie Camera: Short Filmmaking Techniques for Directors and Actors by Anthony Barnett is an authoritative and practical book for aspiring film professionals looking to develop and enhance their techniques.

An A4,  340 page book with illustrations and interactive QR codes to point phones at to watch examples. Click the cover image above to view the whole book.

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Directors are often wary of actors and likewise actors of directors. Yet both need each other’s skills to succeed. These skills need to be learnt by novice directors and actors – but what are they? This book is a short cut to what many years of ‘experience’ in front of and behind the camera would eventually reveal. For directors and actors Both Sides of the Movie Camera provides the knowledge of those reciprocal skills helping you avoid embarrassing years of learning by ‘your mistakes’.

This brilliant and insightful book explains the conventions of ‘Action’ and ‘Cut’ in detail. Thirty original short screenplays (of varying genres and technical needs) are deciphered to help readers put their newly discovered skills into practice. Examples of pre-production and production paperwork guide readers to avoid ‘failing to prepare’. Be warned, rushing ahead without preparation in film production, inevitably leads to ‘having prepared to fail’.

Both Sides of the Movie Camera is an up-to-date and essential title for Directors and Actors progressing in the professional and cut-throat worlds of Acting, Film-Directing and Cinematography. The author takes a unique approach in his book, offering Q&A tutorials and, rather than just listing instructions, answers all the anticipated questions expected from potential directors and actors. Expertly written, the book cites excellent examples of techniques from famous Directors and includes extracts from well-known films that demonstrate success in every relevant practice by way of interactive QR codes.

This comprehensive guide covers every inch of the industry, from hand-held filming and lighting design to mastering the length of film takes and timing momentary ‘asides’ glances. For film directors and actors, the book delves into different genres of drama, comedy and documentary and shares tips on everything from developing dramatic irony to creating atmospheric scenes.

Both Sides of the Movie Camera is a must-have title for Directors and Actors alike, covering every aspect of the movie trade and setting the way for actors to perfect their on-screen performances. This brilliant book will appeal to anyone starting out or moving up in the movie profession and for students taking Film/TV/Performing Arts, Drama, Theatre, Performance Studies, Directing/Cinema Studies and Media courses. The title is recommended to anyone interested in making or being in a film and for Actors and Directors who are training separately. Both Sides of the Movie Camera is a calling card to the movie industry.

“Just as different working directors found different paths to working on a shoot, so this book finds different ways of helping potential directors and actors on their own journey.”
Patrick Tucker, director of over 200 dramas for the screen. Author of Secrets of Screen Acting (3rd Edition Routledge 2014).  Secrets of Screen Directing (Routledge 2019)

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Format: Kindle 
Pages: 342 

About the Author

Anthony Barnett MA is a former National Theatre actor, director, writer, lecturer in Film/TV and Performing Arts, Master Member of the Institute of Videography, known for his master classes at The Actors’ Centres (London/Manchester), Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, colleges and universities.

Early in his career, Anthony heard a technician remark about his film performance on set the humiliating sentence “very good for a stage performance”! Both Sides of the Movie Camera guides actors how not to hear the same remark and directors on how to get screen performances and direct a winning short film, as a calling card into the industry.

Please visit Anthony’s dedicated website at www.bothsidesofthemoviecamera.film to view pre-production resources, tutorials and frequent blogs or www.mirroruptonature.tv for further details.




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    This book is a short cut to what many years of ‘experience’ in front of and behind the camera would eventually reveal.