Antoinette Lawrence – Mermaid Series


Press Release

27th February, 2021

Mermaid adventures make learning magical and memorable

The Mini Mers Books (Series 1) by aspiring author, Antoinette Lawrence, is a colourful and captivating collection of five engaging and educational stories for young readers.

Beautifully illustrated with colourful pictures on every page, each book in the Mini Mers Series will spark children’s imaginations everywhere. Each book has a different friendly Mermaid story set in an incredible underwater world. Children will be eager to dive into each book and learn more about ocean-dwelling creatures, seashells, boats and geography. Created to teach and inspire little ones, each lovely book in the series is an underwater adventure featuring everything from sea dragons and sharks to giant squids and sunken shipwrecks.

The Mini Mers Books are more than just captivating stories and end with a simple quiz to test children’s knowledge, memory and inspire their learning. The books can be enjoyed individually or sequentially and include:

1. Mermaid Angela Finds a Sunken Shipwreck
2. Mermaid Antoinette and the Sharks
3. Mermaid Natalie Explores the Coral Reefs
4. Merman Evan’s Curious Creatures
5. Mermaid Cassandra Encounters a Giant Squid

Easy-to-read and creative, The Mini Mers Books encourage youngsters to read, learn and explore the exciting underwater world and the planet around us. Well-written, the stories have short descriptive sentences and introduce age-appropriate words to engage, excite and educate young minds:

“One day when Angela was out collecting shells, she happened upon a marvellous shipwreck that was covered in beautiful corals and sea fans.”

Inspired by the author’s combined love of scuba-diving, travelling and a quest to ‘make learning fun!’, the Mini Mers Series is a wonderful addition to children’s educational books. Advanced Reader Copies of The Mini Mers Books (Series 1) and interviews with the author are available on request.

Price: £4.99 (per paperback) or £19.99 for all five books in the series (for all UK and worldwide orders).

About the Author

The Mini Mers Series (Books one to five) by Antoinette Lawrence is the author’s debut collection of children’s stories. Antoinette was inspired by her own 10 years of travelling the world as a scuba-diving instructor. She started writing The Mini Mers Series during lockdown in 2020 and hopes to spread knowledge of the underwater world through her beautifully written and illustrated children’s books. For more details, please visit www.MiniMersBooks.com.