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Press Release

28th January, 2021

Evaluating evolution and how life was created as fossil records indicate

Anthony Gerard Hudson’s thought-provoking new book, Origin of Creation of Species: Evolution Scientifically Debunked, takes an in-depth look at the concept of creation, scrutinizing our understanding of how life came into being.

After unravelling a new scientific discovery in microbiology, the author asks whether ‘creation’ came together with any religion or belief or if the ‘creator’ is in fact the catalyst for the existence of all known things, both molecular and non-molecular. Combining the weight of scientific research with the author’s personal experience and reasoning, Origin of Creation of Species: Evolution Scientifically Debunked is a compelling book. It invites readers on an intriguing journey to question the gaps or ‘missing links’ in human evolution and current concepts around our comprehension of creation, vision and perception.

It is because our own time on Earth, is unpredictably limited until death, I am enthralled to know, there is in fact, a scientific resolution that is a certainty, which will simply, and effortlessly replace all, and any previous unscientific theories, about exactly how we all came to be.”

With persuasive and powerful arguments, the author disproves the suggestions of theoretical speciation of creatures, by analyzing the nanoscopic discovery, and the unseen or non-molecular processes of the brain. Such processes are often overlooked or ignored by evolutionary theorists who are unable to account for this phenomenon. The author scopes out a host of immersive ideas that continue to spark both the intellect and imagination, such as: the relatively well-known big bang theory (or ‘great expansion’ as Hudson describes it), the pre-planned preparation of planetary oxygenation, the science behind successful procreation, infertile sub-species, through data obtained from ribonucleic acid (RNA) and the presence of oxygen as a product derived from the sealing of carbon within a tree trunk before oxygen-breathing creatures came into existence. 

Origin of Creation of Species: Evolution Scientifically Debunked is without doubt a well-articulated and interesting book covering fascinating subjects that people have mused over and theorized about since the birth of civilization, now unraveled for us to understand. 

We can only imagine, that many of our ancient ancestors would have wondered at some point in time, where they came from, and why they are here as well, as they were looking toward the skies, and rubbing their fingers over their eyes, we all yearn for answers.” 

Drawing on his own ‘after-death’ experience and professional fields of knowledge, the author wrote the Origin of Creation of Species: Evolution Scientifically Debunked to, scientifically define our exit from the body, what will occur during the process of our ‘death’ and what does actually remain” and implores readers, to “be prepared to digest this potential life-altering content.”

With a direct approach and an engaging writing style (appealing to scientists and laypeople alike), the author encourages readers to both judge and draw their own conclusions from the evidence provided. With clarity and authority, the text is supported by a series of high-quality diagrams and images that add to the book’s intellectual worth. 

Origin of Creation of Species: Evolution Scientifically Debunked effectively merges its academic merit with marketable readability. Recommended for anyone interested in science, nature, biological science, evolution and philosophy. 

Review Copies of Origin of Creation of Species: Evolution Scientifically Debunked and interviews with the author are available on request.  Contact us here for details.

Price: £15.21 (Paperback); £3.50 (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 184
ISBN-10: 1528918835
ISBN-13: 978-1528918831
Published by: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd

About the Author

Anthony Gerard Hudson was born in Sydney, Australia and began his entrepreneurial skills at the early age of five years old. He became a businessman, eventually attending Brisbane University at St Lucia studying a BA Major in Psychology. However, towards the end of his third year, he deferred and continued his research as a scientific forensic investigator studying neuroscience in microbiology whilst working ‘behind the scenes’ outside of an institutional environment. 

Today, after several decades of researching ‘microbiological neuroscience’, a recent discovery of nanoscopic proportions has provided scientific and mathematical description defining the biological process and confirming evidence of ‘step-by-step creation’, confirming we are Primatotypes (primate prototypes) This research obliterates suppositions of one species of creature becoming another separate species over any period of time.

 Inspired by his findings, Hudson penned the Origin of Creation of Species: Evolution Scientifically Debunked, “I wrote the book because I had made a microbiological discovery within a framework of sciences, math and logic.”

Experiencing his own medical complications also influenced his work and writing. Suffering from ‘varices’, a condition where veins are put under immense pressure along the oesophagus, in turn, led to an ulcer closest to his heart that eventually exploded under pressure. 

He ‘died’ at that moment, as he explains, I could see the stars, I could see myself on the floor, I had no body, but I could recall what experience I had as well, and straight through everything that I wanted to see through, I was still me, but no pain or ‘Body feelings’ were there…” Hudson contemplated his ‘after-death’ experience, questioning whether it was active magnetic fields left from 100 billion biological electric generators, that are within 100 billion brain cells, remaining as (Your intelligent EMF), billion-to-one coincidences or more robust fields of science at play.