Anomaly – Caitlin Lynagh


“I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to try something new and genre-bending.  It was the best book I’ve read in a long time.”Georgia

anomaly_coverWhat if everything and everyone was connected?

From the smallest emotions to the biggest decisions? 

What if one person’s choices could change the world? 
Alice Lynam has been dead for two years. The afterlife is complicated, time behaves differently and the deceased souls have important information concerning humanity’s future. Certain individuals are set to change the world for the better and Alice’s childhood sweetheart, Kyle, happens to be one of them. However, Kyle’s grief has set him on a path that can only bring frustration and unhappiness.
Alice needs to find a way to get through to Kyle to put him back on the right path. And if she gets it wrong, all could be lost

“Part paranormal romance, part supernatural thriller and part a study in the science of reality and the afterlife, Anomaly is a novel that I heartily recommend.”Amazon Customer

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Author Bio

Caitlin LynaghCaitlin Lynagh was born in Cardiff and has lived (or has relatives) in pretty much every corner of the UK.  She graduated from Keele University with an honours degree in Biology and Geology in 2013.

Torn between her love for writing and science, a friend suggested that she send her novel ideas to a literary agent and Anomaly was born.

Caitlin enjoys travelling and recently visited Hong Kong and spent time in the Amazon Rainforest.  She recently won a North West Young Writer’s Grant and has a blog where she writes book reviews and enjoys interacting with fellow readers both via here, and on social media.

Anomaly is Caitlin’s first novel but there are more to come in The Soul Prophecies series.

“Lynagh has navigated a controversial subject with a balance that respects faith and science without being in-your-face.  It’s not overly sentimental, there’s no love triangles, no grand Hollywood moments, no cringeworthly sex scenes and yet plenty of action, plenty of existential reasoning and a very clever and realistic plot.”Literary Junkie

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