Alphabeasts by Jonathan Ferrier


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A naturally enquiring mind is just the thing you’d hope to find in Hippos, for a simple grunt is not sufficient at the front to balance such a vast behind.

Biography of Jonathan Ferrier

Jonathan Ferrier writes for children of all ages, for those beginning to read, reluctant readers and those struggling in school (Dyslexic, Dyspraxic).

Nearly 20 years later, in the late 1990s, I suddenly realized that if I was to do anything more on dyslexia I had to make a full break and do it properly. I gave up general practice and went on a dyslexia teachers’ course.

Following training I did some private teaching, some teaching in a young offenders prison and a little research into dyslexia in Oxford. Then I started doing assessments in secondary schools in Banbury and became involved with designing a computer-based suite of tests of literacy.

I finally retired from doing Dyslexia Assessments in 2014, but remain passionately involved with the whole subject and in particular with the problems dyslexics have to overcome in school.

I started writing short stories about 6 years ago for my oldest grandson. One of these was about a dyslexic and dyspraxic dragon, Arvor, and then I wrote some more stories with the dragon as the main character and turned them into my book, Arvor’s Schooldays.

Although it was always intended to be a book of stories to amuse all children, I think it may have particular relevance to those with learning difficulties and give them some encouragement. I myself am not at all dyslexic but I have always been clumsy and uncoordinated to the point of being a bit dyspraxic, so I feel considerable sympathy for those children who struggle with school.

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.