All His Works: On the Eighth Day by Ainny Klover


Fusing fiction and mesmerising music for the ultimate audiobook.

All His Works: On the Eighth Day is an original audiobook by the outstanding author and musician, Ainny Klover. Merging drama, suspense and music, this thrilling audio stylishly delivers the authors music and lyrics with a soulful soundtrack from Helly Tree.

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Alex Bryn, a once successful musician, is retired and earning his bread as a small-time music critic when he receives an unexpected call from a police inspector. The inspector is investigating a suspicious death in Edinburgh of a woman identified as a past girlfriend of Alex’s. Shaken by the news, Alex finds himself in a jazz bar attending an impossible out-of-time show performed by Ciara, his ex-lover, and reminiscing about their turbulent past. 

Alex must walk a fine line in trying to give a convincing account of this near-mystical experience to the unbelieving inspector, especially since the experience is apparently linked to the secret of Ciara’s death. But did the performance really take place or was it just a figment of Alex’s imagination?

All His Works: On the Eighth Day is a highly-original and imaginative audiobook that succeeds on many levels thanks to its unique fusion of compelling crime and creative music. From the start, the deep husky dialogue of the main narrator has a commanding role that instantly attracts its audience’s attention. Throughout the thrilling audio, the leading voices are artfully accompanied by an enigmatic and moody soundtrack. And, while the subtext simmers with suspense, the audio’s overall dramatic effect is enhanced by this highly-evocative and emotive music.

All His Works: On the Eighth Day is an audacious and inventive audiobook that raises the bar when it comes to traditional audios. Creatively, it breaks down barriers with its clever interplay between acting, music, art and forensic science. It is a masterpiece that skilfully combines mystery, thriller and romance genres with a complimentary musical backdrop. And, with its air of mystery, the atmospheric audiobook is bold enough to stir any collective consciousness.

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File Size: 836 KB (Kindle Edition)
Publisher: Matador (September, 2020)
Print Length: 33 pages
Price: £3.99

About the Author

Ainny Klover was born in Moscow, Russia. He spent seven years studying Applied Mathematics at Moscow State University and a further 14 years working in the IT industry before settling in London. Ainny’s lifelong hobby is music-making, but it was not until a friend challenged him to write a short story that he had an idea of using his skills to produce creative concepts of fantasy-drama type by blending an imaginative narrative with specially composed musical pieces.

His earlier book, Two Stories About Dreams (Fairy Trap and The Hunter and The Dame) was selected as the solo Medallist Winner in the Audiobook category of the 2016 New Apple Annual Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing.