Alex is the founder of a brand purpose agency called Way Boutique Agency. Since 2010, Alex and his team have worked with leading brands such as Holland & Barrett, Pizza Express, Stella Artois, Eurovision and many others. He helps passionate businesses differentiate and increase brand loyalty through brand storytelling.

Through intense study and experimentation, he discovered the best way to communicate with customers is to show the love you feel for your product or project. That’s perhaps easier said than done. This is what led Alex to building his agency and ultimately to writing his book.

There are hundreds of shoes out there on the market, but there are only a few that we care about, and we like to wear. The reason we prefer some shoes over others often due to the brand. In a noisy world, it’s harder to stand out and differentiate your brand.
In this book, Alexander Novicov talks about creating a purpose-driven brand that will distinguish it from others and make it stand out from the crowd, win customers’ hearts and minds, and help the company become more profitable as a result.

Alex created his book Not Another Pair of Shoes to position himself as a thoughtleader in what he does. The goal with the book was to help Alex grow his agency and to secure speaking gigs at large marketing conferences.

Alex has been able to secure keynote speaking opportunities all over Eurpore. This has helped Alex to expand his reach and bring in new clients to his agency. Alex doesn’t need business cards anymore as his book gives people an insight into his expertise. His book does the leg work for him and attracts clients that he wants to work with who share his vision for a story brand.