AD2516 – After Global Warming by @NoelHodson


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Entered for The Whitbread First Novel Prize and reviewed by Brian Aldiss in The Times & The Guardian, who dubbed the author “That distinguished futurist”. AD2516 depicts the world re-born after the 2012 floods and pandemics in Noel Hodson’s first tale, OUT OF THE DEPTHS.

It is a good read – amusing and on many levels – that predicts what life will be like in the interconnected communities relying on quantum computing or The Q Field. The future science, economics and societies are all realistically based in today’s achievements.

It offers hope and a great life, ina world that has rebuilt New York and functions without money, where people live for 180 years. Engaging and intriguing, it lasts just about as long as a transatlantic flight.

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.