AC Michael – Curious Characters Series of Children’s Books


AC Michael has written and illustrated a series of five colourful books for children and we are delighted to have review copies available for two of them.  Contact us for your review copy by clicking here.


Curious Characters Book 3

no_3_SNAKE_RATTLE_AND_MOLE_BookCover5_5x8_5_Color_40_-_WITH_FRAME_-_FOR_KINDLEThe witch and the rattlesnake were a musical duet,
They’d been best friends since the day they’d first met.

The witch sang songs, and tried not to cackle,
While the snake slithered around and rattled his rattle.

Every day, they performed at their very best,
But the audience were never impressed.

The witch blamed the snake, and cast a spell,
But as usual, things didn’t go well…

The mole had a plan to help the snake,
But would the witch regret her mistake?


The HOGS of the HEDGE

Curious Characters Book 5



Horace’s garden was infested with slugs,

He shouted at them: “Go away, you slimy thugs!”

All of his flowers would soon be munched,
And all of his vegetables would soon be crunched…

There was only one way to save his flowers and veg…
He would need the help of The Hogs of the Hedge!



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Author Bio

AC Michael was born in Yorkshire, England and enjoyed writing stories and drawing cartoons from a young age. When not writing, his diverse interests range from hill-walking to gardening, and from watercolour painting to quantum physics. His favourite authors are Roald Dahl, Leslie Charteris and Ian Fleming.


AC Michael’s Snake, Rattle & Mole is a delightful children’s story, told completely in rhyming verse that almost sings the story through the plot to its musical conclusion.  The colourful illustrations help develop the plot.  This is a humorous and entertaining story, but there is a message for young readers as well.  Underneath the simple tale of a wicked witch who can’t sing and her inability to do any spells properly, is a story about teamwork, being kind to others, and how evil deeds never benefit anyone, not even the evil deed doer.  There is also a secondary story about trying hard to achieve your dreams…  A simple story with a lot of important messages for young readers. – Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers’ Favorite