A Tribute to the African Child by Rabiu Momoh


Inspiring poetry collection celebrates the spirit of Africa.

A Tribute to an African Child by Rabiu Momoh is an inspiring book celebrating the author’s thoughts, memories and personal experiences growing up in his native and cherished nation of Africa.

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A Tribute to an African Child is a moving collection of 57 remarkable poems, verses and images reflecting the author’s fascinating and eventful journey growing up in Africa. Wonderfully creative and thoughtfully written, each individual poem has been carefully composed “…to inspire people on to love and greatness.”

This stunning book touches on many relevant and universal themes, criss-crossing important subjects, such as: love, family, mentorship and life. Dipping into the poem ‘Under the Same Sky’, the author reminds us that no matter where we are born or choose to live, we are united by love and humanity:

“It stands true we all belong to one race
And that is the human race
Love is the answer
‘Cos we’re all under the same sky

The author’s faith in the future, nature, hope and diversity also shines through his poetry as ‘O God of Creation’ demonstrates:

Through the deserts, laying testament to a better tomorrow
Across its beautiful borders, bound by peace and love
Through the forest grounds nurturing life in its diversity
Bathing its land and people with rivers of hope and equity

On a wider theme, the poems pay homage to outstanding people, honouring places, countries and acts throughout history, as this excerpt from ‘Made of Black’ references: 

The long and tortuous journey birthed Obama, Luther, Mandela and Soyinka
and there remains the fantastic spirit of black in Africa

‘Made of Black’ also portrays the essence of the author’s poetry collection in its entirety, celebrating the success and true spirit of Africa:

There remain these tasks O African sons,
and they forever come in sacs
When all’s been said and done,
there remains a fantastic spirit of black in Africa

Beautifully-written with hidden depths, clever word use, symbolism and rich rhyming patterns, the poems are original and sophisticated compositions with many layers of meaning. As well as a personal triumph, A Tribute to an African Child succeeds in its main purpose to spread joy, hope and wisdom. This is a powerful collection of poems: “…capable of inspiring change in its readers.”

A Tribute to an African Child is a beautiful and worthwhile book, perfect for all ages, but primarily dedicated to every African child in the world.

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Price: £3.93 (Kindle Edition) £7.88 (Paperback)
Pages: 102
ISBN: 9781913704759

About the Author

Rabiu Olusola Momoh is a lover of life, science and art.

He has explored a part of himself worthy of replication into books. He hopes this book, A Tribute to an African Child, awakens a love for the world and a desire for common good in its readers.





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