A Tiny Feeling Of Fear by Jonathan Lee – @J0n4th4n_Lee


A Tiny Feeling Of Fear

“I’ve made a decision to become the only person on this planet to be entirely truthful about everything.

I’ve never told anyone my secrets before.

I’m hoping that being honest with you may just save my life.

And perhaps yours.”

A Tiny Feeling of Fear is released in September 2015 by Author Jonathan Lee. Previously Jonathan has been nationally shortlisted for The Novel Prize 2012. A Tiny Feeling of Fear is based around a character who appears happy in his every day office job but is far from happy in his home life which is a tangle of depression and anxiety. As a way to save his own life he embarks on a journey to be open and honest about how he really feels with all those around him. It is a story of hope.

jonathan_leeJonathan comes from a background of mental health issues. His brother tragically took his own life in 2004 and his sister has tried the same on numerous occasions. She has been diagnosed bi-polar. It is something that he has lived through for many years. Jonathan’s latest novel comes from a very real and at times autobiographical standpoint. It also (as always) features a twist. Obviously, these experiences have affected him personally. Jonathan is completely committed to raising awareness for the issue of mental health. He wants to do all he can to help others who have experienced similar tragedies.

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