A Tantalising Trio from Martin Morton


Tantalising trio and exciting times for erotic fiction.

The wait is over for fans of Martin Morton’s sensational series with the imminent publication of his much-anticipated third book, Careless Hours, which will send ripples through the erotic romance genre.

Careless Hours promises to be a pulsating addition to a series already awash with sex, submission and sensuality. Reading in sequence, Morton’s debut page-turner, The Water’s Edge introduced the intense love affair between Jack and Claudia and made waves when it was released followed by its equally racy sequel, The Water’s Depth.

Careless Hours will continue to enthral readers already hooked on Claudia’s passionate romance with Jack as the pair break boundaries and burn each other’s darkest desires.  Building on the success of his first two books, Careless Hours follows the couple’s now separate but parallel paths; the intimate journey is explored even more intensely in Japan, revealing surges in sexual chemistry and greater challenges as alternative relationships deepen and emotions heighten. Straddling their sexual tensions, Claudia navigates her life in a different country, her career and her lust for a lost Jack. Morton’s familiarity with Japanese culture and the intricacies of their legal system is as fascinating as the underlying grappling between Eastern and Western values, combined with the twists and turns of their relationship.

As passions unravel and tensions soar, the characters explore their roles, sexual boundaries and inhibitions both privately and professionally. The exciting lovers discover new and adventurous relationships that are just as intense and erotic. Centring more on Claudia’s work on a business acquisition in Japan and the lives of the people around her, the plot thickens along with the couple’s pressures and abiding regrets. Will such challenges prevent them renewing their intimacy even though the submerged desires are as dangerous and deep as ever? In this continuous tussle, will Claudia and Jack be kept apart by other people’s selfish schemes?

Careless Hours is an exhilarating read which builds on the momentum and the development of the cast of characters established in The Water’s Edge and The Water’s Depth. With three books to devour, this is a tantalising trio of erotic fiction. 

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About the Author

Inspired by his love of the ocean and travel, family-man Martin Morton spends the majority of his time writing on a boat moored on the Adriatic. “I am more disciplined about committing to the sequels – and I enjoy writing every day.”  

In his early career, Morton was as an Astronomer carrying out research at the renowned Imperial College London. He later moved into business and travelled internationally before retiring early and buying a boat. 

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The Water’s Edge and The Water’s Depth are currently available to order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository and at Waterstones.