A Selection of Historical Fiction Thrillers from @briansellars


“Loved it. Great characters,believable plot.”robstan

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“I love the turn of phrase the author uses and how real it all feels. I loved the secret seven and the famous five as a child but this is better because its working class. Very few books make me laugh out loud but these do every time.”  – Mrs Margaret Wilcockson

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TIME TRAVEL ADVENTURE:- An archaeological dig at Stonehenge turns into a nightmare for young Jack Shire when he is blasted into a terrifying prehistoric world, simultaneously unveiling a deadly, 21st century secret.
Communicating across millenniums he and girlfriend Tori Morris, must battle with sinister forces to uncover a megalomaniac’s plot to control the world with stolen time travel technology.

“Very good read, well paced story, very realistic, a lot of thought has gone into the research and writing of this plot.This book will be enjoyed by young and old alike. Brian Sellars is a good writer, considering he’s reasonably new to this field of work. I really enjoyed his first and second books in The Tuppeny Hat Detective series.”Vanda Godwin-Marriott



A Period Murder Mystery: Was the old Star Woman murdered? Young Billy Perks, who found her body, is sure she was, but the authorities disagree. Their haste to close the case heightens Billy’s suspicions and he and his pals decide to investigate. They turn detectives, unwittingly provoking a long hidden killer and unearthing secrets of wartime conspiracy and betrayal.
Written for those teenage and adult readers who like a genuinely intriguing mystery, the story is set in Sheffield in 1951 as the bomb damaged steel city struggles to recover from World War Two. It’s funny and nostalgic, but a genuine whodunit nonetheless – and with a surprise at the end.

“I found this book unexpectedly delightful and totally engaging. The humor is subtle but quite funny throughout. And there’s plenty of intrigue. Billy and his two friends make quite the unexpected heroes. Don’t overlook young Wy’s brilliant contributions either.”Jill O.A.T.




A gripping mystery for adult and teenage readers.
A corpse floats in a swimming pool beneath a dance floor. A blood soaked head is found in a local beauty spot. A woman is clubbed to death and left to rot in medieval tunnels under the city streets.
Three brutal murders, ten years apart. What connects them? Why is a senior police officer determined to hide the truth? What really happened under cover of an air raid that killed seventy Christmas revellers in a popular city centre pub?
Another Billy Perks investigation. The old team; Billy’s pals Yvonne Sparkes and “Kick” Morley with old Etonian, M.D. Doc Hadfield, are joined this time by a new sleuth, rookie cop, PC John Needham.

“I loved this book. I can see it on a high school must read list as well as a great book for adult book clubs. It’s fast paced, funny, and written with that old charm of good literature. I highly recommend it and the first book.”Kindle Customer



Twelve year old Billy Perks and his pals Yvonne Sparkes and Kick Morley find a lordly old actor in their gang den. They befriend and care for him until he mysteriously vanishes two days later. Police try to connect him to a hit and run killing and a brutal murder at a stately home. The three pals must turn detective to prove them wrong, assisted by Old Etonian medic Doc Hadfield and ex sailor, police constable John Needham.

“The boys are at it again, The Tuppenny hat detectives give the real police a run for their money, and show them how to do it yet again, well worth the read, Three young people, two boys and a girl and a who did it mystery, if you want a laugh as well as a good read get all the series, be prepared for some strange goings on, and slang language but read it.”Digger Man



Set in 7th century Anglo Saxon England.

Wynflaed is a rich warrior’s wife. When he is lost in battle she loses everything, even their children. Her fight to win them back recalls the terror of the shield wall, the harsh lives of convict slaves, and the enormous difficulties a lone woman must face in a male dominated heroic age.

“There’s a lot that happens in this book. It tells of the love/hate of family, the trials overcome for love, and the wealth of good honest people. It was easy to become attached to the characters.”Sarah


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Brian Sellars: author of TUPPENNY HAT DETECTIVE and other fiction. Saxons’ geek, dog lover, woodworker, time traveller, real ale drinker and old plonker.

I was born in 1941 on the edge of the Peak District, in a suburb of Sheffield, overlooking roaring steelworks and gloriously beautiful moorland. I attended St Vincent’s Secondary Modern School in Sheffield. At fifteen I started work in the steelworks as an apprentice electrician. This led to a career in sales and management in the heavy engineering services sector, which required me to travel extensively throughout Europe, the Far East, North America and Australasia. My customers were usually building oil refineries, power stations or drilling rigs in outlandish places.

I love writing and the time travel it bestows. I am a keen student of history, in particular the Anglo-Saxon settlement period. My first novel, The Whispering Bell, is set in the Peak District of this period. It was spotted by publisher Quaestor2000 Ltd., on the writers’ website YouWriteOn.com where it was a prize winner.

My second novel, Tuppenny Hat Detective, written for adult and teenage readers, is very different, being a nostalgic and funny detective story set in Sheffield in 1951. This became the first of a series, which now includes; Dance Floor Drowning and Mother Goose Murders. My novel TIME ROCKS, is of another very different genre. It is a sci-fi, time travel story, also written for both teenage and adult readers.

Now retired, I enjoy the luxury of writing every day. Luckily, I’m able to pursue a number of other interests too, including; hiking, watching wildlife, gardening, and woodworking. My fascination with history persists and takes me all over the country on what I call research trips, but which my wife calls “looking at bumps in fields”. My wife and I live in a village on the Somerset Wiltshire border near the lovely old town of Bradford on Avon.



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“I loved this book. I was thoroughly enthralled by the characters and the scene setting.In fact I was so enthralled that I woke up in the early hours and decided to carry on reading!”LDC