A Parallel Trust by @JamesStoddah


“Is a thrilling mystery novel by master of suspense.” – Georgia

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This book is impossible to put down between the first page and the last.” – Julie Wein

What begins as an exciting challenge turns into a countdown to save a young girl’s life… As seventeen-year old Aril Ousby, the son of a renowned astrophysicist, embarks on a geocache treasure hunt in Britain, a series of kidnappings takes place in the United States.

How are these events connected? Is Aril right to trust the enigmatic architect of the treasure hunt – or is he being led into an elaborate trap? Is the puzzle master motivated by altruism – or greed?

And why has he chosen to involve Aril in his scheme? Aril and his friend Unity are drawn into a mystery that leads them to look at the Earth from a new perspective and to address a fundamental question: can future generations avoid the mistakes their parents made?

Biography of James Stoddah

James Stoddah grew up in Kent and was educated in Cumbria before settling in Lancashire with his three sons. He resisted higher education in favour of following a passion for music writing. For a number of years he worked in the music industry as a writer-performer – successful enough to earn a living without being burned by the media spotlight.

James has always been fascinated by mystery. Much of the creative inspiration for his books stem from games he created to entertain his children as they were growing up. Treasure hunts with clues to treats in the house expanded to physical clues he would leave over hundreds of square miles for daytrip adventures.

“Free of the tropes and stereotypes that litter and hamper young adult fiction, this book is something of a revelation in mystery thrillers, the characters providing the momentum that drives the plot forward, rather than simply being two dimensional names on a page that the plot passes by in a haze.” 

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