A Horse Called Bicycle – Roxana Valea



The Polo Diaries Series – Book 2

The books in the Polo Diaries are inspired by true stories.

A Horse Called Bicycle comes after the events of the first book in the series, Single in Buenos Aires, written by author Roxana Valea.

A Horse Called Bicycle is set a year after the events of the first book, as Roxy returns to Argentina with dreams of settling down with her lover, Rodrigo. Their quintessential love story soon faces the version of harsh reality as Rodrigo’s behaviour takes on a new character, one that pushes Roxy to reconsider marrying again.

Puzzled and in a daze, Roxy makes radical decisions with the influence from her Argentine friends, some which bring both relief and regret. Struggling with her everchanging circumstances and indecipherable feelings, she seeks the advisory support from not just one person, but an astrologist, a lady who converses with angels, a spiritual healer, ladies with a crystal, and even a psychotherapist at the recommendation of her concerned friends.

Polo soon becomes the anchor in her life once again, until another polo accident threatens to crush her self-confidence entirely, not to mention the complicated surgery she must now undergo which drives Roxy to even lie to the doctors who are trying to help her. 5 polo accidents involving 5 broken bones over 3 years, now begs questions that Roxy soon asks herself: Am I an adrenaline junkie? How much truth is there in ‘the ladies with the crystal’?

Roxy becomes inundated with all the paranormal advice bestowed upon her and feeling lost in the midst of it all, she slowly succumbs back to her reality. In attempt of recovery, she presents herself with the toughest ultimatum. Does she stay in Argentina and get back on the horse which she is devoted to so dearly, or leave both polo and Argentina for good? The karmic ties she feels towards her adoptive family take significant influence over her choice, and with that she hopes to find the deep-healing she needs as she seeks a new outlook on life, but never forgetting the people and the animals that got her to where she is. Argentina will hold part of her heart forever, whatever she decides.

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Catch the first book ‘Single in Buenos Aires’, which sees forty-one-year-old Roxy arrive in Argentina with a to-do list. From polo boots to tango shoes, to the adrenaline of horse-riding and glamourous after-game parties. Fans of the Bridget Jones Series revel in this perfect blend of humour, travel, and romanticism, as Roxy navigates her 3-months in Buenos Aires, of course none of it ever goes to plan! Set in one of the most sensual and passionate cities in the world, all the items on Roxy’s list do get ticked off, just not in the way she had first imagined.

Stay tuned for Book 3 in The Polo Series, Seven and a Half Minutes, coming soon.

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Excerpt from Prologue of A Horse Called Bicycle:

Te estoy esperando, sabés? he texted me a week before my flight. I’m waiting for you, you know? Just as he’s waiting for me right now, right here in this airport. The knot in my stomach tells me I’m still not quite sure this is really going to work. But then, it has to.

The lady with a crystal told me it would work, and she must be right. She talks to angels, so she should know what she’s talking about. I don’t tell many people about the lady with a crystal. Actually, the ladies with crystals, because there are more than one of them. Not all have crystals, but there’s a whole army of astrologists, energy workers, card readers, angel whisperers, and so on, whom I consult on a regular basis—every time I’m lost about the direction of my life, which is something that occurs quite frequently. Shall I change jobs? Shall I go to Argentina? And if I go, will he love me? Whenever I don’t know the answer to one of these questions, I call a lady with a crystal. Or a couple of them, just to be sure.

They usually don’t agree in their answers, but I feel relieved at least to have talked to someone. And, in any case, I only choose what I want to hear from their answers. My life being the weird life that it is, it’s hard to get advice from anyone else. I’m over forty, unmarried, no kids, and no stable career. Just freelance work, which pays well and gives me a lot of free time. No allegiance to a particular country, although I carry the passports of two. No place I can call forever home. Even my nicely decorated flat in London feels like it belongs to the past.

One expensive and dangerous hobby—playing polo, which has resulted in two accidents, involving a total of four broken bones. These are accidents from which I’ve recovered, and I’m currently playing again. My family, friends, and acquaintances constantly move from pitying my life, assuming I must be heartbroken and lonely, to envying my life every time they hear about a new destination I’ve chosen to go to. No ties also mean I can pick a new destination or a new hobby whenever I want. This constant move between pity and envy leaves me drained and I’ve stopped asking for advice. What’s left are a few trusted friends who listen to my stories and restrain themselves from telling me what to do. And I love them for it.

Author Bio
“I write because I have to. I write because it keeps my fire alive and if I try to silence it I feel I’m slowly dying inside. I write because the words that come to me want to be set free and I let them go where they need to be.” – Roxana Valea, roxanavalea.com

Roxana Valea has built a career in management consulting and is an entrepreneur, writer, energy medicine practitioner and a Reiki therapist. 

She has dedicated her life and work to bringing each part together. “Somewhere between the left brain and the right brain there is a fine point of equilibrium.” Roxana has an MBA from one of the top business schools in Europe and has also done a lot of travel writing.

Life has taken Roxana from the meeting rooms of the corporate world to the jungles of Africa and has learned a lot from the 500 executives and passionate entrepreneurs, to the shamans and intuitive psychics she has met.

Roxana is a master of analytical skill, and using traditional business tools, also working intuitively with regards to her consultancy work and programme management for businesses such as Apple, Ebay and Sony. Roxana relishes in her life constantly moving between the analytical and logical, to the rational aspects of the intuitive, and being passionate and creative.

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