A Guide to Motivation, Happiness, Success & Resilience – Gavin Aubrey


An action-oriented self-help book for those looking to seriously boost their motivation, happiness, success or resilience


The brain is a magnificent thing.
Unfortunately, it didn’t come with any instructions…

This book provides an easy to understand explanation of how our brains work when it comes to personal motivation, success, happiness and resilience.

Gavin Aubrey delivers practical insight, that one can apply immediately with real results, in a down-to-earth, funny and no-nonsense way.” – Amazon Customer

If you want to know why some people jump the queue when it comes to job promotion, or why others are just, well… happier than you are, this quick and easy read will tell you all you need to know.

This book is for you if:

  • You’re stuck in a rut and need a motivational kick-start to get your life on the track you want;
  • You’re feeling burned out and need to replenish your levels of resilience;
  • Your zest for life is missing in action;
  • You’re a master of self-sabotage or;
  • You just like learning cool stuff.

I read this book on my morning commute and found myself striding in to the office smiling after just a couple chapters each day. This book is a reminder to affect the world in a positive way and gives you the confidence to deal with mental barriers like ‘Imposter Syndrome’. Gavin’s conversational style of writing is easy to read and he explains the science of things like NLP in terms we can understand.” – Chiya Louie

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A guide to Motivation, Happiness, Success & Resilience is packed with tips and techniques to help you:

  • Understand your beliefs and behaviours and ditch the ones that are limiting you
  • Super-charge your motivation levels and get your mojo back
  • Work out why some people are more successful than you are and play them at their own game
  • Top up your resilience levels and bounce back from set-backs
  • Take control of your thinking to increase your level of happiness

The analogy of the lake and its application to resilience is especially enlightening and I came away with lots of instantly applicable actions.” – Amazon Customer

The book takes complex theories, like those pioneered by the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) movement, and puts them into plain English to provide a fascinating insight into how our environment, beliefs and values impact our state of mind.

It goes on to show how our thoughts affect our behaviour and how that in turn, can affect everything from our close relationships to our career prospects.

I couldn’t recommend this book more as it will be a positive force on anyone who reads it. Not only has it impacted be on my new job in less than one week of reading it but it’s also had a really positive impact on my personal life as well.” – Amazon customer

Complete with a series of simple but effective exercises to start you on a path to greater success and contentment, this self-help book is a must-read for anyone who wants to change their life for the better but doesn’t know where to begin.

…easy to absorb and amusing in places, the author focuses on the things that limit us and how to overcome them. Some of the exercises are quite simple but surprisingly effective. I shall, forever more, be mooing like a cow! This book would be useful for anyone in need of a little life coaching.” – HC1968

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About the author

_MG_8305Gavin Aubrey is a British personal development coach who has spent the last 30 years helping thousands of people reach their true potential. His work has taken him all over the world, coaching people from different continents, cultures, industries and walks of life.

From nuclear scientists to newly appointed managers, directors to diplomats, Gavin has had the privilege of working with thousands of highly successful people on a wide range of personal development issues.

This, his first book, reveals all the useful things he has learned along the way, when it comes to personal motivation, happiness, success and resilience.

As Gavin says;

We have magnificent minds; we just didn’t get any instructions! So, this is the set of instructions I have collected from everything I have read, observed and learned over the years. I hope you find them easy to absorb and apply. I have tried to keep them as simple and practical as possible.”

A Quick fun read with actual things you can do to be better” – A.Morrison

“I’ve been lucky enough to go on a training course with Gavin, his ideas and their applications are very easy to understand and implement and definitely deliver results. I found them particularly useful becoming a new people manager. This book covers those ideas and more. It’s a short book so easy to read in an afternoon and I’ll definitely be re-reading it.” – Edward