A Fish in Foreign Waters – Laura Wickham


“What a wonderful book. Beautiful rhyming, adorable illustrations and such a sweet and touching message about moving to a new place and having to learn a new language.”Quely



“At first I thought this book would be most suited to children who are bilingual and although this will definitely be a great story for them, it is suitable for any child. The illustrations are beautiful and really help bring the story to life. The author’s simple, but effective narrative is perfect for children and enjoyable for adults to read to young children. An educational bonus to reading the book is that it really helps the reader understand what some bilingual children may feel like.”Mrs V L Cooper

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Rosie Ray’s world gets thrown upside down when her family has to move far away. She soon has to learn a new language and make new friends.  Being bilingual is not always easy, but on the day of her birthday she makes a very exciting discovery.  A Fish in Foreign Waters helps parents and teachers get children excited about being bilingual with lovely illustrations and an entertaining story.


Author Bio

Born in Rome where she graduated in Languages and Foreign Cultures, Laura then moved to the U.K. where she taught Italian as a foreign language for many years.  Laura was raised bilingual, so was her mother and so are her two daughters.  Her own experience was the inspiration for “A Fish in Foreign Waters” a book for bilingual children.


“Being bilingual has it’s advantages and opens the door to a world of new friendships, and relationships. A Fish in Foreign Waters delivers exactly that! This beautiful children’s book… tells the story of Rosie Ray and how she learns to adapt to a new home, friends, and language!”Frances E

“We recently moved from the UK to Switzerland and it was a difficult transition for my 3.5 year old. She speaks Swiss German ok now but still doesn’t like playdates with German speaking children. This story is helping her a lot to work through her own fears and feelings. She keeps asking for the story again and again and we always have a good chat afterwards about our own situation. Stories can be immensely powerful for little children, and this one is both beautiful to read and very helpful for preparing for an international move.”Franziska Wick

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