5×5 Sudoku for Beginners – Christopher Thomas


This is the first edition of 5×5 Sudoku for Beginners.

Suitable for older children and adults who want to gain some experience solving these great 5×5 puzzles.

With more volumes of puzzles to come and puzzles of a greater difficulty, this book will prepare you for what lies ahead.

Contains 200 puzzles to challenge and entertain and solutions so you can check your answers.

Perfect for someone like me who has always struggled with numbers but wants a challenge. The mixed of difficulty levels allows for quick fun and more of a challenge.” – Liam K

Author Bio

Christopher Thomas’ mission is to help people of all ages develop logical skills through a vast range of exciting puzzles and challenges.

“Whether it be kids traversing through tangled mazes or adults choosing to relax with some Sudoku, we provide impeccably designed books to get through.”

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