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Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 13.47.195:2 Diet Book Photos By Chris Cheyette & Yello Balolia The brains behind the #1 bestselling Carbs & Cals are back with the perfect 5:2 diet companion; a collection of food photos designed to visually present the calorie content of controlled but delicious food portions, making your two fasting days easier than ever before.

Calorie counting can be tough when trying to kickstart a long-term healthier lifestyle. Food labels often mislead shoppers and recipe books lack nutritional guidance. And for those on the now famous 5:2 Diet, knowing what to eat on the two weekly fasting days is key; having flexibility with food choices and looking forward to an appetising meal helps maintain motivation and allows dieters to plan ahead. 5:2 Diet Photos is the perfect, problem-solving companion for everyone who has tried, failed or wanted to start the popular 5:2 diet. Offering up a delicious platter of over 600 mouth-watering food photos, ranging in calorie content, it finally answers the dieter’s dilemma, “what can I eat on my two 500 calorie days?”.

Senior Dietitian Chris Cheyette and photographer Yello Balolia share their simple but effective guide to following the 5:2 healthy eating regime. Useful for fasting days, and on the other five days of the week too, the book enables dieters and the health conscious to make the most out of this successful approach to eating. 5:2 Diet Photos helps explain exactly how to manage fasting and non-fasting days. As well as displaying calories, every photo in the book shows the amount of protein (which has been scientifically proven to keep you feeling fuller for longer) and fruit and veg portions that count towards your 5-a-day. The full-colour publication features a series of tasty recipes from as little as 100 calories. And with tasty snack ideas that will keep your fingers out of the biscuit tin, 5:2 Diet Photos will help everyone reach their healthy lifestyle goals – these really are dishes to diet for!

5:2 Diet Photos aims to create happy, healthy eaters by educating them on the calorie and nutritional content of different, new and exciting foods. 5:2 Diet Photos is the perfect support for individuals wanting to try the revolutionary 5:2 diet, as well as healthcare professionals who will find 5:2 Diet Photos (and the other titles in the Carbs & Cals series) invaluable during nutritional consultations with patients.

About the authors: Chris Cheyette BSc (Hons) MSc RD is a Senior NHS Dietitian at King’s College Hospital, London. Chris is widely published in academic journals on weight management and diabetes. He lectures at national conferences and in the media as a respected dieting and nutrition specialist. Chris’s Educational DVD for young people with diabetes won him the British Dietetic Association Elizabeth Washington Award. He lives in Stratford, East London. Yello Balolia BA is an entrepreneur and celebrated London-based professional photographer. Along with Chris, he created their bestselling phenomenon Carbs & Cals, which has recently won the Quality in Care Awards 2014 “Best Dietary Initiative” category. It was also awarded The Dame Barbara Clayton Award for Innovation & Excellence in 2011 and won the New Product of the Year category in the Complete Nutrition Awards 2012.

5:2 Diet Photos by Chris Cheyette and Yello Balolia (published by Chello Publishing Limited, RRP £9.99, paperback) will be launched on 1st January 2015.

Yello Balolia BA and Chris Cheyette BSc (Hons) MSc RD are available for interview through Publishing Push.