Two Fantastic Series by Larry Jeram-Croft


“This is one of those books you can’t put down, it has everything you want in a good read, adventure, romance and a bit of mystery.”Jonathan Collins

Jacaranda – Jacaranda Trilogy Book 1

jacaranda_front_coverThe volcanic Windward and Leeward islands form the eastward fringe of the Caribbean Sea. In years gone by they were responsible for more wealth generation and human misery than anywhere else in the modern world. Nowadays they are the playground of the rich. However, there is something very unusual out to the west. The locals know but seldom talk about it. Jack Vincent and his superyacht ‘Jacaranda’ stumble on the secret and he and his crew learn the truth. They rescue a man from the past and attempt to take him home, over two hundred years back in time.

Set in the present day and the time of Nelson, ‘Jacaranda’ mixes these two worlds in an adventure story that reaches its climax just as one of the Caribbean’s worst natural disasters occurs.

What would you say, if invited to dinner by Captain Horatio Nelson?

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“Well worth the time spent reading it, in fact be prepared for an all-nighter when you pick it up. I found the characters believable, and the story, although fiction, could actually explain some things that I have heard a lot of people wondering about.”Kippereast

Sea Skimmer – Jon Hunt Book 1

sea_skimmer_front_coverNone of the Argentinian Exocet missiles fired during the Falklands war actually exploded. This is factually true and there has never been a satisfactory explanation.
This book, although a novel, is based on the personal experiences of the author, a Lynx helicopter pilot, and many other true stories from the Falklands War that have never been fully told before.

So, how do you counter your own weapon system when it’s turned against you? The Falklands War posed just this problem.

January 1982 and the Exocet sea skimming missile is a killer. The British should know, they co-developed it with the French. However, the Argentinians have them as well. Marcel Bertrand a French missile expert, who has been made redundant, is recruited to help them.

2 April 1982, Argentina invades the Falklands. Soon after, Lieutenant Jon Hunt flies his Lynx helicopter from HMS Prometheus with a Special Forces team to covertly infiltrate the Argentinian Air base at Rio Grande. His mission is to persuade Marcel who has been kept in the dark about the invasion, to agree to work for them. Once Jon explains the truth about the invasion Marcel and his girlfriend Maria agree to help and manage to modify the missiles warheads with a software update so that they won’t explode.
As the war hots up, Argentina desperately tries to make their missiles more effective and the British try just as desperately to develop countermeasures. While down south, Jon Hunt discovers what it’s really like to fly in combat.

Eventually Marcel and Maria find themselves in the Islands just as the British are closing in. A rescue attempt to get them out is led by Jon which culminates in a desperate encounter in the mountains surrounding Port Stanley just as the final fight for the Islands takes place around them.

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About the Author

larry-jeram-croftBest selling author, Larry Jeram-Croft spent thirty years in the British Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot and engineer.  Following his retirement from the RN, he worked in industry for seven years before retiring, at which point he and his wife bought a yacht and went to live in the Caribbean.

It was this experience that led to the idea for his ‘Jacaranda trilogy’.  The novels are based on true events in the West Indies of Nelson’s time, and provide thrilling and exciting stories for all who love the sea and sailing.

Brought up on the books of C S Forester and Patrick O’Brien Larry was surprised that no one was writing similar stories about the modern Royal Navy, especially with so much going on in previous decades.  As he was himself a Lynx helicopter pilot during the Falklands War, he decided to start there, using his own extensive knowledge of the conflict.  ‘Sea Skimmer’ was the result; a book based on many true stories, the main one being why the Argentinian Exocet missiles failed to explode.

More books have followed. The latest ‘Retribution’ is about the Balkans War and the atrocities that were perpetrated by the Serbs.

Larry now lives in Martock, Somerset and spends most of his time writing and playing golf extraordinarily badly.

Larry’s aim in writing has been to produce exciting novels that are based on fact and, more importantly, are authentic and give a true representation of what it was like to live, work and play in the Royal Navy of the times.
You can keep up to date on his blog at: http://sowethereyet.blogspot.co.uk/