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“One very good book with plenty of action ,intrigue skullduggery and deceit ,so plenty to keep you glued to the end.”Melvyn Black (A Place of Bones)

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“A good novel about mercenary soldiers in Africa. Most mercenaries fight only for money and will swop sides depending on the pay cheque. Here we have a similar situation, but then a group decide to fight with their conscience. A good read, with a whole host of strong and varied characters. There are one or two twists in the tale. A good read.”Guernsey Donkey (A Warrior’s Code)

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Born and raised in Cornwall, Larry Johns has earned a living as a soldier, an artist, a jazz musician, a music lecturer and a writer, circumnavigating the world in these professions many times.

Larry JohnsHe learned the mechanics of his original trade with the Staff Band of the Royal Engineers and at Kneller Hall School of Music. Moving directly to London, he occupied the lead alto chair with several big bands, whilst jazzing at many nightspots; most notably; The “100 Club”, Oxford Street; the “Allnighter”, Soho and “The Bull’s Head” at Barnes.

Larry began writing as a teenager, and continued through his stint with the military and beyond into the professional music business.  His first novel, ‘Power Play’, was published in 1980, by which time he “…knew exactly what a rejection slip looked like!”

“…Johns’ brutal and gripping novel begins with an introduction to his central character, mercenary soldier Martin Palmer, as he takes part in a hired killing.  The author’s own experience as a soldier comes across clearly in his frank and down-to-earth portrayal of his characters, and we are quickly drawn into the shocking and grim world of soldiers for hire.  Perhaps Johns’ greatest achievement is to make you care about the soulless man who kills for money, as we follow him on a thrilling adventure filled with violence, intrigue and occasional moments of rare beauty as Johns, an artist and traveller in real life, describes the drama and beauty of the African landscapes in which his story takes place…” – Cornwall Today (A Warrior’s Code)

 Larry now has 12 action/adventure novels published, details of which can be found on his web site here, http://www.holler-it.com

Click here to request a review copy of one of Larry’s novels, just make sure to put the title in the subject line

“I am growing to like this author, three books now and each one different in main characters, settings and time periods. The small details which are important replace padding which make stories over long. No super heroes just people with a bit of guile who sometimes do things they are not comfortable with. Some nasty types in this one as well which make our criminal main man look like a good guy.”Readalot (Thunder Island)