Harry and Lil Series of Children’s Books – Julia Copus


Hog in the Fog has got to be the ultimate bed-time story book. Both the illustrations and the text are real works of art.” – Hugh Lambert

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The Hog in the Fog

This is the story of Candy Stripe Lil
and Harry the Hog who lived over the hill.

…and a foggy March day, roundabout three, 
when Lil had invited Harry for tea.

Lil is expecting Harry the Hog for tea, but there’s a swirling fog outside and Harry is nowhere to be seen.

Lil sets off to find her friend. Luckily she meets Deer, Sheep and Crow along the way, who all join in the hunt to find the hog in the fog.

A heartwarming rhyming adventure story about friendship, teamwork and teatime!

Poetic with lots of onomatopoeic repetitions, super pictures, a good story line and lots to discuss and talk about.” – Woodbodger

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The Hog, The Shrew and the Hullabaloo

It was night in the village – a still, dark night – 
and Harry the Hog was sleeping tight.
In her house at the foot of Piggyback Hill,
also asleep, was Candy Stripe Lil.

The tale of a hog – and his friend Candy Stripe Lil – kept awake by mysterious noises in the night is sure to delight adults and children alike.

With relaxed rhymes that feel natural and are easy to read, this second adventure is another joy… The illustrations are lovely as before, some lovely drawn animals.” – K. J. Noyes

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The Shrew that Flew

One Saturday, in the middle of June,
one bright and windy afternoon,
all the creatures by Piggyback Wood
were getting ready – as fast as they could.

There was only a short time left to prepare
for the birthday party at Badger’s lair.
On the invitation was written in red:
Will guests please arrive with a hat on their head?

Harry and Lil are getting ready for Badger’s party, but just as Lil goes to get her hat off the washing line, it flies away. Oh no! If only shrews could fly…

“If birds fly, why can’t shrews fly, too?”

The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is utterly charming and captivating. My kids (2,7&9) all love it, and so do we.” – Simon Gallear

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Author Bio

Julia Copus ImageJulia Copus was born in London and now lives in Somerset. She has won First Prize in the National Poetry Competition and the Forward Prize for Best Single Poem (2010). In 2012, her third collection, The World’s Two Smallest Humans was published which was shortlisted for both the Costa poetry award and the T. S. Eliot prize. She also writes for radio; her first play, Eenie Meenie Macka Racka, was awarded the BBC’s Alfred Bradley prize. She is a Lector for the Royal Literary Fund, and in 2008 was made an Honorary Fellow at the University of Exeter.