At Night You Sleep Alone – Parkash Sohal


At Night You Sleep Alone

“This was amazing I couldn’t put it down.” – Jugjeet Singh


It was a love that began with the innocence of youth. A carefree love between two souls, made for each other the moment they set eyes on one another; and so began Parkash and Nirmal’s love story…

However, one night Nirmal’s life is irrevocably changed. One small decision by her politician mother sets off a chain of unfortunate events, leading to a very different life than Nirmal had ever imagined – a life which takes her away from her true love. Her future depends on her mother’s whims – will her mother save her daughter’s honour or her own political career?

Years go by, and it is not until some twenty years later that Parkash is brought face to face with his past. Is it too late for Normal and Parkash or is there a glimmer of hope..?

At Night You Sleep Alone is a tender and loving tale of two individuals’ journey to find love, set against the backdrop of India in the late 1960s.  It will appeal to those looking for a story of romance, innocence and hope.

Author Bio

Born in 1949 in Pujab, India, Parkash Sohal’s love of literature and poetry started from a very early age and he started writing while at Higher Secondary School.  In 1969 Parkash arrived in London and continued to write, having some of his poems published in magazines and newspapers but, for a number of reasons, it took nearly 30 years for him to put pen to paper and write his first novel.

In order to give something back to the community, the entire Sohal family has established the Sardar Karnail Singh Sohal Trust to promote the Punjabi language and give financial help to quality writers, in loving memory of their Father.

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