Inner Leadership: An Integral Approach by David Fish


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‘Inner Leadership’ is bold and original. It is a personal and professional development book with a difference. Written in narrative form, based on two decades of observations by a leading international coach, we witness the compelling journey of capable people engaged in an intensive specialised process to make breakthroughs, in their work, relationships and life.

Through Bens eyes we witness his journey with his mentor Leo, then meet with a group of people at different stages of their own personal and professional journeys. The rich and challenging experiences that Leo brings about produce revelations that go to the heart of each person.

This deepened contact with their real self-releases inner confidence, clarity and energy to navigate their situations with enhanced skill, purpose and well-being.

Biography of David Fish

In the early 1990’s he created a coaching business offering an integral approach to personal, leadership and team coaching.

In 2000 he left his medical practice to concentrate solely on coaching, helping executives and other able people galvanise their distinctive qualities, to discover a deeper level of meaning, wellbeing and effectiveness in their personal and professional life.

David lives in London, England. He has a background in competitive sport and internal martial arts. He loves challenge and enters the odd triathlon with his sons. He enjoys nature and beauty in all forms. He reflects and writes, and especially enjoys finding time to relax and play with family and friends in sun, sea and snow!

He practices meditation and has a particular interest in supporting the development of consciousness in action. He has supported the education of young Tibetan refugees for thirty years and more recently young people making wells in rural Africa.

“This book was a very inspiring read. And very empowering too, as it seems to act as a subtle call to action. I can imagine that going on an Inner leadership retreat as described in the book (which I now plan to), would/will be amazingly transformative. I’ve never read a whole book in 48 hours before now, but I couldn’t stop.” – J. B. Whisky

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.