Secret Demon by C.L.Ryan


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Based on a true story, Secret Demon relates the astonishing, and often harrowing, childhood of a girl whose life is beset by abuse and demonic activity. We follow Megan as her idyllic early years in rural Ireland are abruptly ended when she is taken from her grandmother’s care to live with her parents in England.

SC_FCover_v1While struggling to adapt to a new culture and being bullied at school, Megan’s life is dominated by the unpredictable behaviour of her troubled mother, Patsy.When her much loved father moves away to work, Megan is left to look after her siblings as Patsy’s life becomes engulfed by demonic possession and alcohol abuse.

Well-meaning social workers place Megan in an outwardly respectable home, only for her, and her brother, to suffer horrific abuse at the hands of their foster carer.

Upon returning to Patsy, Megan becomes increasingly aware of the demonic presence in her home which seems to be particularly focussed on her. She learns to cope with her demon and embraces her true nature – finally harnessing it to take on her playground tormentors.

Secret demon is a supernatural story of one little girl’s battle against abuse and neglect. It is the first of a series which follows Megan as her physical and spiritual lives unfold.

Biography of C.L.Ryan

As a small child lived in southern Ireland, a small town called Ferns. Attended Primary school until 11. At age of 11 years old, he attended Hengrove Comprehensive in Bristol and quickly attained Junior International Status in athletics. Left school early at the age of 15 to help support the family.

Having a diversity of jobs through the years, C.L.Ryan has multiple achievements, scuba Dive (BSAC), advanced diver, club instructor, open water instructor, handicapped diving instructor, British sign language Level 1.

He also loves Natural Health, a great fan of all things natural and organic, animals, cooking, reading, music.

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.