Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions herin refer to any agreement or interaction undertaken between Publishing Push LTD and the customer. The customer shall be herein after referred to as the Client.

Any variation to agreement shall be agreed between the Client and Publishing Push LTD. Any request for amendment must be in the form of a written agreement giving full details of the request and giving proposals for the variation to the service level agreement including revisions to the timetable, cost and deliverables.

Publishing Push LTD shall undertake to treat as confidential, information and data of a confidential nature supplied by the Client and other organisations or as may otherwise be acquired by Publishing Push LTD in connection with this agreement.

Each Party shall keep confidential (and to procure that its employees and agents shall keep confidential) any confidential information which it or they may acquire in relation to the business and affairs of the other Party to this Agreement and shall not use or disclose such information except with the written consent of that other Party which shall not be unreasonably withheld or in accordance with the order of a court of competent jurisdiction.

During this agreement, Publishing Push LTD shall not without the prior written consent of the Client release, or otherwise make available to third parties, information relating to the Agreement.

Other than at the Client’s specific request Publishing Push LTD shall not disclose or allow access to any personal data (as defined in Section 1(3) of the Data Protection Act, 1998) whether provided by the Client or acquired by Publishing Push LTD during the course of performing the Services, other than to a person placed by Publishing Push LTD under a like obligation who is variously employed or engaged by Publishing Push LTD or other person within the control of Publishing Push LTD concerned with the tender for or performance of the Services.

Publishing Push LTD shall act in accordance with its Notification to the Information Commissioner, the Data Protection Act 1998, and all other relevant law. Publishing Push LTD shall grant all reasonable assistance to the Client towards the Client’s compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Publishing Push LTD agrees that the Client may audit Publishing Push LTD policies, systems and practices relating to the Data Protection Act 1998, in accordance with an agreed scope and timetable. Any disclosure of, or access to personal data, shall be made in confidence and shall extend only so far as that which is specifically necessary for the purposes of the Services.

No information which would lead to the identification of an individual shall be included in any publications without the prior agreement in writing of the individual concerned. No mention shall be made of individual officers of the Client, nor shall information be included which might lead to their identification, without the prior agreement in writing of the Client.

Publishing Push LTD agrees that their sub-contractors, servants, Contractors, agents or any other person in the control of the Contractor shall store or process the personal data as referred to above in accordance with the data protection principles as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998, and in particular in accordance with the seventh data protection principle.

Failure to comply with this Clause may constitute a fundamental breach of the agreement. In the event of such a breach, the Client may terminate the Contract by written notice to Publishing Push LTD provided always that such termination shall not prejudice or affect any right of action or remedy which shall have accrued or shall accrue thereafter to the Client.

Publishing Push LTD does not guarantee any results or sales as a factor in determining whether or not the service was delivered as understood. The Client hereby acknologes that case studies and sales figured of previous clients or authors is not an indicator of the sales or reviews they may receive. Each author and their books are different and must be treated as such.

The terms and conditions listed here shall apply during the continuance of any relationship between Publishing Push LTD and after its (expiry or its) termination howsoever arising.

Any blog/website provided is a single web property for the author to list their content. Publishing Push LTD does not warrant to maintain this property indefinitely. A “Wordpress’ theme will be used and this will be the framework. Publishing Push LTD does not provide bespoke design solutions.

Publishing Push LTD are a professional self-publishing house. Once the book is available we hold no further responsibility. Any further changes or updates will be billed at an agreed price.

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