Frequently Asked

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Can I request that you focus on certain locations?

As long as they are english speaking locations. We focus on the UK and USA as they are the two largest markets. Additional areas are Canada, Ireland and Australia. You can ask us to target a certain area specifically if you wish.

What happens at the end of the 40 day period if I don’t buy a top up?

New research and new pitches cease to be sent out but we will continue to forward over any additional offers that come through.

How do I know when reviews, blog posts, interviews or features are live?

Most targets will normally make us aware when the review, blog post, interview or feature goes live. We will then forward this information over to you. It is also a good idea to make a note of who has accepted copies so you can follow up after the campaign if required. Most reviews will go to Amazon or Goodreads so check there frequently.

How many people do you target/contact?

We focus on quality over quantity. That is why we put so much emphasis on selection and research. Contacting 100 targets who are interested in your book yields better results than 1000 random contacts ever could. In the average 40 day period we contact around 200 to 300 relevant and targeted individuals and outlets. Remember we send a personalised email to them not a 'spammy' press release. Each campaign does vary slightly based on the genre and topics of the book.

How long until I see reviews and PR go live?

This depends upon the reviews or media outlets. It depends how many books they still have to read before yours or articles they have agreed to. The average time frame is around 6 weeks. They also need time to read your book. So the longer your book is the more time it may take them.

How many sales can I expect?

The answer is it depends on vast array of factors. We warrant to effectively and transparently contact targeted individuals. We supply them with your book. We have had authors go on to sell thousands, reach best seller rankings and go on to secure traditional publishing deals. We have also seen authors receive a small bump and things go flat after that. If you have a great product you are confident in then give it a go!