Where Should You Sell Your Books?

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9 thoughts on “Where Should You Sell Your Books?

  1. Basically what is the cost of putting books on Amazon, I have three book self published and another one now completed. I was offered a contract some weeks ago but I was going to have to pay money up front, they liked the book but wanted cash up front, I was under the impression I would be given a contract without paying up front that is if the book is good.

    • If you are uploading an eBook to Amazon for Kindle availability there is NO cost other than what you put into cover design, editing (not by Amazon) or post release marketing. If you want to publish a print on demand book at Amazon’s CreateSpace there are some limited costs. Any contract for upfront cost you speak of must be from someone else putting your book up on Amazon. You don’t need someone else to do that; you can do it yourself.

  2. I am the author of 27 books. How could I make them international bestsellers?
    All my books are available online:
    Thank you.
    S. A. Abakwue.

  3. I have self published a book which I sell on e-bay, which you can view on line. It also is unique as it has a CD enclosed which makes the purchaser a Data Base from the information in the which is pure Fact, nothing is Fabricated.
    The Book is called ‘How To Win on The Irish Lottery’, ring bound and well printed it is a manual that tells you how to win more money from Three Numbers than the national lottery.
    The English Lottery prize for your £2.00 stake, wins you £25.00.
    The Irish Lottery prize for your £2.00 stake, wins you £1,200. you can also do permutations.
    The potential is terrific as millions of people play every week.

  4. I assume you have viewed my Book on e-Bay, which is for the U.K. market only.
    It has quite a lot of interest and sales as the national lottery is a losers market.
    All these lists above 90% appear to supply the American market.
    Do to promote books for the U.K.

  5. My two books, very different books, are available from either Lulu or Amazon. Does anyone have an opinion as to the cover designs.
    1) The Bamboo Shield. Edward Page

    2) Drum Solos and other Crimes. Eddie Page

  6. There is no cost in putting your books on amazon, but if your not i.t savvy it becomes mind boggling.
    not to say its rocket science but i paid someone to do this for me last year, dont forget you gotta be sure its all been copy read and all that stuff that goes to make it perfect, then there amazons rules on acceptance which are quite strict.
    There is some success stories in self publishing e.l. james for instance. but all I would say is try and make sure your book is as good a read as possible, and do your home work. I didnt and paid a lot of money just to see my little books in color.

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