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22 thoughts on “Publishers Currently Accepting Applications

  1. Who is accepting new authors in the field of true crime? I have a 450 page book, including many exhibits, photos etc covering one of the most bizzare cold cases ever! Thank you in advance for your help.

  2. I’m trying to find a publisher who is accepting unsolicited manuscripts for (Erotic Psychological Thriller) – please note that is not (Romance)
    I am also looking for publishers who is accepting unsolicited manuscripts for two very gory horror books.
    Is there any publishers that may be looking for this kind of material? Thanks 🙂

  3. I am trying to find a publisher who is good for a young adult book whom I am co-author. The book is also with a mermaid princess named Leilani who has powers. What publisher is the right publisher and if they pay you so you don’t pay them.

  4. Hello, I have written a 37,000 word+ Historical Fiction Book. The year is 1292. My book will be great for the movies. The story line is very simple and reading the book is like watching the movie itself. I want to sell the publishing rights and film rights to my work. I am the sole owner. I own the copyrights. Can you help me please!

    Thanks, look forward to hearing from you

    Charlie Richardson

  5. Thanks for this! Just when I thought I’d finished finding all the indie publishers that accept unsolicited submissions, I discovered this list and several more to send my novel to. Now fingers crossed…

  6. Hello. I have a Romantic/Suspense with a psychological twist. I am looking for publishers with open submissions in this genre. I am self-published, seeking a larger market. My book’s address is

    Thank you!

  7. I am looking for a Traditional Publisher or Agent who interested in books on Marriage written from a Christian perspective.

  8. A fantastic resource! Thank you so much. Aside from my own writing, I often ghost write too so can give the heads up to clients. And in addition to that, I present a radio show called Writer’s Block ( where this kind of resource would be fabulous to promote.
    Excellent stuff! Thanks

  9. Wolfpack Publishing is accepting Manuscripts in every genre:

    City Lights Press is accepting manuscripts in Romance/YA/NA:

    CKN Christian Publishing is accepting manuscripts in the Christian Genre:

    Erotic Pleasures Publishing is accepting Erotica genres:

  10. I do not find a prospective publishers for my book on spiritualism titled GOD DID NOT CREATE MAN/MAN CREATED GOD which is a nonfiction work of considerable length, of about 165,000 words divided into 10 chapters. This is an epoch making book likely to change the human society for ever. But, unfortunately, I do not find a publishers for it.

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