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“The 28-day program is intelligently designed, and the wisdom Gavin has gained from creating workouts for 1000s of clients over the years is evident on every page.” – Dan Roberts, creator of Methodology X

From the author that brought you the incredible accelerated
FAT LOSS program Ripped in 28 Days

  • 28 Day: Suspension Training and Nutrient Timing System
  • Progressive Exercise Variations
  • 5 Exercises per workout
  • 5 sets (of 5 exercises) utilizing a variety of OVERLOAD principles
  • 7 x Different phases over 28 DAYS
  • Determine your personal intake of Proteins, Carbs and Fats
  • Home recipe for a “THERMIC-T” to BOOST your Metabolism

“Workouts are deceptively progressive, by the end of it you will be considerably fitter with increased muscle and lower body-fat levels.”


In my expert opinion, Hang Time is by far the best suspension-training program you can buy. You will get strong the right way; i.e. from the inside out. The workouts are well balanced, functional and encompass every plane of movement; i.e. three-dimensional.” – Dan Roberts

About the Author

Gavin Watterson is a trainer/coach with over 25 years’ experience.  He has earned an impressive track record delivering incredible results for thousands of clients worldwide.

With clients including Olympic athletes, professional fighters, golf pros, figure athletes, bodybuilders, radio, TV and film actors, models, university and school sports teams and various celebrities and captains of industry, Gavin’s methods are well known and respected.

During his time in Singapore, Gavin was Health and Fitness Guru on Singapore’s Kiss92 radio station.  He was a brand ambassador for AIBI Fitness, one of the largest distributors of fitness equipment in Asia.  He has been used in exercise and training videos, voice-overs, marketing campaigns and featured on the Asian Golf Channel.

Gavin lectured a FISAF (Ngee Ann Polytechnic) Foundation Course on Basic Nutrition in 2017, and presented seminars on a range of topics, including health and fitness, nutrition, program design, corrective exercise, lifestyle and total wellness.

Gavin has previously published Reboot your Bod, a self-help book on detoxification, and is the creator of the acclaimed accelerated fat loss system, Ripped in 28 days.

Connect with Gavin

Website: http://www.gavinwatterson.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hang-Time-301102727006039/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gavin-watterson-31090a1a/


Gavin is a credit to the industry, a trainer who cuts through the “fluff” with a no-nonsense attitude that delivers results… From the thousands of trainers I have worked with, Gavin truly stands out. He is truly a rare breed of coach that understands movement, function, performance, health and nutrition in all its interconnected complexities.” – Dan Roberts

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