I’m the author of the epic fantasy/mystery series, ENCHANTMENT’S REACH Volumes 1 – 6, and the three volume series of standalone linked novels CHRONICLES OF THE SHAMAN: MOONBLOOD, HEART OF SHADOWS and CITADEL. My base is London UK and for a lifetime I have immersed myself in studies of consciousness, mind, and the esoteric, all of which feed into my stories. This has involved studies as diverse as psychology, the occult, mystery traditions, history, ecology, quantum physics and shamanism.

From the Tao to the mystery schools of ancient Egypt, Greece and beyond, Jung to the Rosicrucians, myth, fairy tale, mysticism, science and magic, my focus has been exploring mysteries buried deep in the unfathomable. Those explorations, and the questions they give rise to, find their way into the hopes and dreams of my fictional characters as they struggle to make sense of a cosmos that presents only mystery and bafflement.  And I still find myself asking: What are we? How did we get here? And what is his fleeting lifetime on planet Earth all about?

The novels are set in a world of conflict and intrigue. Treachery, mystery, love, illusion and adventure abound.  Tales that evolve into fantasy/mystery thrillers, twisting, weaving, looping back upon themselves and holding tight to their secrets until the final pages.

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I love to travel. Recent years have seen a number of trips to the Amazon basin and Andes in Peru, as well as Brazil, Mexico and Cuba. In the Amazon rainforest, where I’m planning to return later this year, I’ve engaged with shaman-centred indigenous tribal communities, participated in traditional plant medicine, nature-worship and healing ceremonies, and trekked with local guides to remote forest or mountain locations. All were magical experiences, as was swimming with pink river dolphins, catching piranha for dinner, and arguably the most breath-taking, sitting hunched at midnight in a dugout canoe on a motionless lake in the depths of the rainforest, plagued by nocturnal insects, the Milky Way both bright and spectacular overhead and perfectly mirrored in the obsidian waters beneath us. All this and the forest surrounding his had burst into life with the lights of countless thousands of darting fireflies.
This world can be a truly magical place.

Apart from travel, I love reading – mostly non-fiction these days – and am a historical strategy game enthusiast. I worked for a while as a beta-tester and voice-actor for a small U.S. developer on the Battlefront: Combat Mission series.  My garbled yells can be heard on three or four of their WW2 and contemporary warfare titles. And, among many other things, I love Formula One.

Amazon reader quotes for Enchantment’s Reach:

‘…possibly one of the best fantasy books of its kind ever written. It’s just that deep, that soul-searching — that good.’

’It just doesn’t get any better than this… simply great writing!’

‘…masterfully described…will keep you riveted to the page.’

Amazon reader quotes for Moonblood
(First Chronicle of the Shaman):

‘beautifully crafted… elegantly composed and thrillingly executed … sheer story-telling magic’

‘a riveting adventure with depth and mystery’

‘an epic novel full of intrigue, mystery, danger and humour… transports you to a world of wonder’

‘an adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat… a must read’

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