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Financial Empowerment – Pamela Carmichael


“A lighthouse in the midst of turbulent financial waters.” – Letitia Parker

Included in this book is a FREE e-course with Action Steps to help you get started on the road to financial empowerment. 

“Pamela takes our hand and walks with us each step of the way… It is a book I highly recommend to anyone looking for the right path to financial freedom and peace of mind… Truly one of the best, and most effective books I have ever read on finance. It has changed my outlook on finance and I am excited now to be able to be a blessing to others.” – Val Newton-Knowles

Are you in a constant financial struggle and juggle where there never seems to be enough? Do you wonder if God is able to or even willing to provide for you? Are you constantly paying bills and covering debt payments without seeing much progress? Are you faithful in tithing and giving but yet you cannot see an out-poured blessing?

If you’ve answered Yes to any of these questions or you need help to improve your finances, then read a copy of this book. Authored by Pamela Carmichael, Financial Empowerment: Realign Your Finances to God’s Will provides both sound biblical basis and practical solutions to put your finances in order.

In this award-winning title, Pamela explores nine key areas of personal finance:

  • creating wealth
  • tithing
  • saving
  • giving
  • investing
  • spending
  • borrowing
  • lending
  • planning

She examines the issues and misconceptions most experience in their finances and provides help with Biblical and practical solutions.

“Nice combination of scripture and financial planning. As a Christian I really enjoyed reading the biblical principals behind many of the well known financial concepts.” – Steve


About the Author

Pamela Carmichael is a passionate educator of financial empowerment for people. Her Financial Empowerment Initiative produces workshops and seminars centred on financial literacy education.

Pamela is concerned over the general lack of fundamental and basic financial education of both youth and adults. Pamela combines her passion to see others succeed with her 18+ years’ experience in the financial services industry to train others to effectively manage their finances. Her concern for those who struggle financially has led her to authoring the award-winning book titled Financial Empowerment: Re-align Your Finances to God’s Will.

Pamela’s desire to deliver quality financial education inspired her to gain the Certified Financial Education Instructor (National Financial Education Council) designation. She is also a member of the Personal Finance Speakers Association. Pamela conducts financial empowerment workshops, speaking events, money life coaching programs to help people move from financial struggle to success and significance. She also shares insights on her Living Success blog relating to managing your personal finances and to living successfully through the study and application of God’s word.

Pamela has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Accounting (University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus) and has a successful career as a financial service professional with over 18 years’ experience. Along with her financial education certification, she is also a Certified Professional Coach (Wainwright Global, Inc.; Institute of Professional Coaching) and a Success Principles Certified Coach.

An author, a teacher, an encourager, a coach and more, Pamela combines her passion for financial empowerment along with her experience and training in financial services, financial education and life coaching to educate and motivate people to take action toward achieving financial freedom and personal success that multiplies into positive changes in society.

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“Our Sunday School class used this book as a lesson topic for several weeks. This book give you a faith based perspective on how to handle your finances. My financial decisions have taken a new direction since studying this book, I am so glad I read it.” – HeavyD



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